Hand over of new club rooms by Mayor of Coburg to Club President Terry Callaghen (with microphone). Other officials include Eric Heath representing VSF 1984

Players and officials before the match on opening day of the new club rooms 1984

Presentation Night 1991. Former Presidents of merger incorporating the three clubs: Bobby Murdoch, Bob Malcolm and Alby McCormack

Moreland’s Dockerty Cup winning team from 1957, featuring Ted Smith

Did You Know? Bob Hawk was No.1 ticket holder of Moreland Soccer Club 1982 and visited the the old club rooms to turn on the new flood lights?

1956 Australian Olympic Football team. Featuring Ted Smith and Frank Laughran.

2010 to Present

In 2010, under the leadership of former player and coach Maurice Bisetto, Moreland City began a mini-resurgence after being relegated to State League 3 North-West in 2008 and regaining promoted the following year.

The city saw an influx of Welsh and English players join the club to top up its rich multicultural list and promotion to State League Division 1 again became a possibility.

In 2010 City finished 3rd with 12 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses on 38 points the young team tapering off towards the business end of the season, the performance was exceptional after Moreland were written off by my most as relegation candidates.  In that season Kam Simsek won the League Golden boot award.

In 2011 City had a similar record 12-2-8 (38 Points) finishing an agonising 4th despite some outstanding performances throughout the season. Welsh pocket rocket Sam Wade won the League Best & Fairest and fellow Welshman Darren Griffiths took out the League Golden Boot.

In 2012 however, City took another step forward finishing 2nd with the 13-5-4 record and 43 points but subsequently lost to Box Hill United in the promotion playoff.  Yet another Welshman Adam Orme won the League Golden Boot award.

The hard work and persistence paid off for Moreland City in 2013 when they took out the State League Division 2 North-West League Championship.

Old Boys Reunion – ‘Frank Laughran Medal Day’

The final home fixture of each season is known as the Old Boys Reunion  or ‘Frank Laughran medal Day’ with an active club effort to gather past players, members and supporters for a memorable day.  The on-field competition is always thrilling and off-field get-together fantastic.  It isn’t possible without the help of ALL at Moreland City so please get the grape vine working and pass info on to any one from Moreland –  Coburg – Park Rangers that you have contact with.

It is always a great day in honour of a great little champion where the Moreland City Best On Ground is awarded the Frank Laughran Medal.

From 2013 onwards this event takes place on the first or second home game of the season.

Famous Quotes (and Stories)

Eric Heath (Played between 1949-1978)
“There was a foreman at Maclay Massey, whose name was Sam Horrobin. He came in one day and asked me if I played soccer. I told him that I did and that I was on the books of Middlesborough. He said, we go tonight to Moreland and I agreed. It was a Tuesday night, I trained and he (Sam) signed me up straight away. I played the following Saturday.”Colin Cooper (Played between xxxx-xxxx, Coached between xxxx-xxxx)
Coops whitepaper and mission statement in the 1999 season became the “Moreland City Creed”:
“A Moreland player doesn’t look for excuses, doesn’t wear a chip on his shoulder and isn’t constantly on the lookout for his dignity being insulted. He puts the good of the team first.  He looks for solutions, not excuses. He can take a knock and bounce back when times are tough. During those times, he has ten teammates just like himself to lean on”.

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