The Heidelberg United Alexander Football Club (originally known as the “Alexander The Great Soccer Club ”) was founded in 1958 by Greek immigrants from Florina.
In 1955, the founding members of “Alexander The Great” decided to form the Clifton Hill Social Club. It was at a time when immigrant families began to arrive in Australia in great numbers.

It was in 1955 that the Clubs founding members, George Baniscas, Nicholas Themelkos, Tryphon Rakovalis, Tryphon Avramopoulos, Chris Samartzis and Peter Economidis commenced their meetings at the residence of Tryphon Rakovalis in Fairfield. They began to organise gatherings that managed to attract large numbers of newly arrived migrants who were looking for opportunities to socialise and make new friends.
However, it wasn’t until 1957 that discussions to establish “Alexander The Great Soccer Club” began. Markos Economidis managed to convince the committee of Clifton Hill Social Club to contribute the funds required to purchase the necessary equipment to form a soccer team. It was therefore on the 12 of May 1958, when the Clifton Hill Social Club members organised their first appeal where a total of 125 pounds was collected to establish the “Alexander The Great Soccer Club”.