On a cold windswept pitch nestled on the lip of the Tullamarine Freeway in Monee Ponds Kier scored the fastest hat-trick in under 9 histories while Evan scored two goals to spark top ranked Moreland City to a 5-1 victory over Essendon Royals in a classic match –
Moreland used a crisp, efficient passing game to dominate in the offensive zone.
Luka found a wide-open Kier at the top of the six-yard box for his first goal midway through the third minute then Edwin threaded a cross that Kier speared into an open goal in the 14th minute.
To complete the hat rick was a classic moment of Kier audacity, taking a free kick from almost the half way line he launched a rocket that left the Essendon Royals bemused and shocked not realising a free kick from the half way is actually what Kier refers to as a ‘penality’.
Up the other end, we had Oliver almost bored in the net..almost wishing a ball to get through Edwin, Hugo or Tanner so he could reacquaint himself with the small round object he was seeing kicked around at the other end of the pitch …no chance! Responsibility and courage are now bye-words for the Marvel Defence unit, once again this was a victory built on defense.
Half time Essendon Royals 0 – Moreland City Marvels 3
After the break we see Kier try his hand at Goal keeping and Oliver press into the forward line to Support Madeline and Evan.
Zakaya Barron started to impose herself onto the game by utilising her speed and considerable reach to frustrate the Royals
Evan struck in the 29th minute from a pass that Madeline had side-footed past the opposition and then nutmegged another finding Evan streaking forward and punching home a goal. Evan McAuley scored again in the 31st minute, benefiting from a long pass from Luka Quirk who was now in the critical position of centre back, performing stoically with Tanner after numerous knocks to the shins and knees.
The second half witnessed some of the best runs of the match (some might say the season) from a young man by the name of Hugo Barsby, attacking relentlessly down the right side, maneuvering around the opposition as if they were training cones, and just like training crossing beautifully to the centre ..only missing his marvels by centremeters as their frenetic pace had waned throughout the match, unlike the boy from Brunswick who was still running as if he was being chased by a Lion King.
Full-time Essendon Royals 1 – Moreland Marvels 5 Player of the match – Hugo Barsby for blinding runs down the right side.