Club Policies

Football Federation Australia Statutes and Regulations

The Moreland City FC complies with all statutes and regulations set out by Football Federation Australia (FFA), for more information see:

FFA’s Member Protection Framework

The FFA’s Member Protection Framework is an essential part of our organisation’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour. The Moreland City FC requires all of its members to be familiar with and adhere to the FFA Framework that can be accessed via the following link:
Our Club’s assigned Member Protection Officer is Simone Litchfield, Committee Member (

Child Safe Standards
The Moreland City FC is strongly committed to child safety and as part of that takes all necessary actions to prevent harm to children. Any new member of our organisation (including committee members, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, players, parents, volunteers and other persons associated with our club) are required to familiarise themselves and be committed to our MCFC Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct, a copy of the document can be downloaded by following the link below.

Our Club’s Child Safety Policy was developed with assistance and guidance provided by Football Victoria, for more information visit:

Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement

Funded by the Australian Government, the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement brings together the most contemporary evidence-based information and presents it in a format that is appropriate for all stakeholders. The Position Statement is an initiative of: The Australian Institute of Sport; Australian Medical Association; Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians; Sports Medicine Australia, and is intended to ensure that participant safety and welfare is paramount when dealing with concussion in sport.

We have attached a download link to the published document below as well as a link to other Concussion in Sport Resources and encourage all those involved in football at our club to read this resource material.

MCFC Concussion Policy Position

The Moreland City FC has adopted and requires all of its coaching staff, parents and players to adhere to the FFA Concussion Guidelines (download provided below).

MCFC Refund Policy

Where a club member/player decides to leave our club or stop playing football and seeks to have their registration fees refunded, the following refund policy will apply.


In the event of a deposit being placed with the club to hold a membership or an NPL position, no refund will be provided under any circumstances.

Refund of Fees:

The following policy applies in relation to a refund of fees being sought:
1. Any upfront costs incurred by the club will not be refunded;
2. During pre-season members may be refunded 60% of remaining non-deposit registration fees for NPL players and 60% registration fees for community players or as determined by the club;
3. On commencement of Round 1, members may be refunded 50% of remaining non-deposit registration fees for NPL players and 50% registration fees for community players or as determined by the club;
4. Between Rounds 2 & 5, members may be refunded 25% of remaining non-deposit registration fees for NPL players and 25% registration fees for community players or as determined by the club;
5. After Round 5 no refund will be provided;
6. Where extenuating circumstances arise (for example serious illness or injury) these must be documented in writing and submitted to the club Secretary for consideration and approval by the club President using the email:;
7. Where a player’s registration or a membership is withdrawn by the Club for breaches of the Moreland City FC codes of conduct or any FV or FFA Code of Behaviour, no refund will be issued under any circumstances.
8. Registrations are not transferable between players.

Background – Costs Incurred by the Club:

In relation to refunds, members need to understand that a substantial level of cost is incurred upfront at the beginning of every season, for example, FV player and team registrations, administration costs, equipment costs, purchasing of player kits, coaching staff attire & training, utilities such as electricity, tenancy fees, insurance fees, cleaning costs and so on.

In addition, the club has to pay substantial licensing fees with our member federation and must undertake required maintenance work on equipment and facilities etc. Our club is currently also in the process of undertaking a major redevelopment of our pitch lighting
with an estimated cost of $350,000.

Our refund policy therefore reflects the fact that most costs to the club are incurred upfront at the beginning of the year and when players accept a position at the club they accept this policy. Refunds sought in relation to families experiencing serious financial difficulty brought on by the impact of COVID-19 must be submitted in writing to the club Secretary at for consideration and approval by the club President.

Current as of 1 January 2021