Football Victoria 2021 NPL Changes

Football Victoria (FV) announced important changes to the NPL structure for season 2021 on 16 October 2020 (

The changes were considered as a direct result of the COVID pandemic that saw a significant disruption to the football playing season in Victoria during the 2020 season. The changes were developed after consultation with clubs and are primarily aimed at addressing “some key areas around overall player development whilst assisting clubs with player retention in the post COVID season.”

In Summary the changes include:
Under 13s:
• U13s are no longer part of the Junior Boys NPL (JBNPL) structure and will form part of the junior boys community football structure along with U12s. FV is introducing a 9 vs 9 game format for season 2021, played on half pitch or box to box.  For more information:’s%20-%20U13’s.pdf

JBNPL mandatory age groups:
The only changes to the JBNPL competition for 2021 will be the mandatory age groups with the competition format remaining the same as 2020. JBNPL 2021 mandatory age groups include:
– U14s
– U15s
– U16s
– U17s

NPL senior men 2021 age groups:
– Seniors
– U21s plus up to 3 U23 players
– U19s

For more detailed information regarding JBNPL and NPL senior competitions visit: